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In newsrooms, failure is often caused by faulty systems, not people

As a manager, you may ask yourself “why aren’t my employees doing what I want them to do.” Let me just caution you against the knee-jerk reaction most of us have – it is rarely because they are “lazy.” There … Continue reading

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Bringing the Phoenix Cycle under control: how college media can avoid a boom-and-bust cycle

  A common phenomenon plagues many college media companies. I have come to call it the “phoenix cycle.” The phoenix cycle plagues newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, yearbooks, magazines — pretty much any student-run media entity. And I would venture … Continue reading

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Can TV continue to be live?

NBC’s live showing of “Peter Pan” is more than just a delight to the nation’s children. It might also be signaling the beginning death throes of an industry. The question now is whether that dying industry is the traditional cable … Continue reading

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