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Bringing the Phoenix Cycle under control: how college media can avoid a boom-and-bust cycle

  A common phenomenon plagues many college media companies. I have come to call it the “phoenix cycle.” The phoenix cycle plagues newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, yearbooks, magazines — pretty much any student-run media entity. And I would venture … Continue reading

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Differentiation is key for a media company to survive

The key to keeping a competitive advantage in news is to think about milk. Yup, the white stuff at the supermarket. Here’s why: milk is a commodity. In economic terms, a commodity is something people will choose based purely on … Continue reading

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Where is the PR in the news media?

One of the hypocrisies that always amazes me is how seldom media companies use public relations and advertising campaigns to promote themselves to potential audiences. Newspapers may be the worst, but by no means are they exempt. The sales teams … Continue reading

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