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Michael Giusti is a journalist and educator. He is the Adviser and Chief Administrative Officer for the Loyola Student Media, which publishes the nationally award-winning Maroon newspaper. He has 20 years experience as a professional journalist and has worked in daily newsrooms, weekly business journals and as a freelancer for national and international publications. He holds an MBA and is passionate about media business models.

The Revenue Model: the four ways journalism companies can make money

The business model that will save our industry starts with a revenue model — but what does that even mean? A revenue model is a company’s plan to get money from customers in exchange for a product or service. By … Continue reading

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The tale of the broken car: why working harder won’t save the journalism industry

Let’s talk today about what will not fix the journalism business model — working harder. First, let me just say this: After being in newsrooms now for 17 years and after serving on the boards of directors for two nonprofit … Continue reading

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The search for a new model: a quest to find ways to pay for journalism and save the industry

So, what’s wrong with the news industry? If you said something akin to “bias” or “quality,” then you need to grow up. The one and only answer to that question right now is “revenue.” Because, to paraphrase the great philosopher … Continue reading

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